Two humpback whale flukes show the wide variation in markings 
The dorsal fin and pigmentation pattern on the side of blue whales provide a fingerprint for identification. 

Cascadia Research conducts long-term research on humpback and blue whales both along the West Coast of the United States as well as off Central America. Cascadia is also a principal organization conducting and coordinating the SPLASH humpback whale research effort in the entire North Pacific. 


The objectives of our research include:

See additional information in these reports and publications by topic:

Humpback whales in the North Pacific including SPLASH

Blue whale ship-strike related research and Behavioral Response Study

Humpback and blue whales off California, Oregon, and Washington

Underwater behavior of blue, fin, and humpback whales whales using suction-cup tags , fin, and humpback whales whales using suction-cup tags 

Humpback whale research in Central America

To learn more about these research efforts please see the following:

SPLASH research project

Humpback and blue whale research off California, Oregon, and Washington

Central American expedition to study blue and humpback whales (from 1999)

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