Updates from our November 2017 O‘ahu field project

We will be undertaking a 19-day field effort off O‘ahu starting November 2nd, funded through a NOAA Species Recovery Grant to the State of Hawai‘i. This will be our first field effort off O‘ahu this year (our last was in October 2016). Our primary goal is to find and learn more about the endangered main Hawaiian Islands population of false killer whales. We will be based out of Ko Olina Marina and primarily working off the Wai‘anae coast. We are hoping to deploy LIMPET satellite tags to track movements, as well as photo-identify individuals and collect biopsy samples for genetics, hormone chemistry and toxicology. As usual, we’ll be working with all species of odontocetes we encounter, trying to obtain photos for our photo-identification catalogs, as well as collect biopsy samples for other studies. The research crew for this project will include Daniel Webster, Kim Wood, and Robin Baird, all from Cascadia, as well as a number of volunteers.
Check back on November 3rd for updates.
The research vessel we’ll be using for this project, a 24’ Hurricane. Photo by Galen Craddock
This map shows our previous search effort off O‘ahu. We worked off O‘ahu in five previous years - 2002, 2003, 2010, 2015 and 2016.
Photos on this page were taken under NMFS ESA/MMPA Permit No. 20605. Please contact Robin Baird (rwbaird (at) cascadiaresearch dot org) for photo use or more information.
For updates from our prior field projects check out this page.