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 being studied by Cascadia Research Collective  (from  top left to bottom right): humpback whale, Blainville's beaked whale, blue whale, Townsend's big eared bat, false killer whale, gray whale, killer whale with harbor porpoise. All photos (c)

Cascadia Research is a non-profit, tax-exempt (recognized by the IRS under501c3) scientific and education organization based in Olympia, Washington, USA. We were founded in 1979 primarily to conduct research needed to manage and protect threatened marine mammals.

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New report on Cuvier's beaked whales and pilot whales off Cape Hatteras (29 July 2016)

Updates from our July Hawai‘i Island field project (29 July 2016)

New publication on spotted dolphin acoustics (19 July 2016)

Angela Szesciorka recipient of NOAA Nancy Foster Scholarship (30 June 2016)

Examination of dead humpback whale, Bremerton Naval Shipyard (4 June 2016)

New data on humpback and blue whales from tag deployments off California (2 June 2016)

New publication on nurturant behavior towards dead calves(24 May 2016)

Update on injured gray whale and necropsy in central Puget Sound (13 May 2016)

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